About Us

Founded in 1979 by Chris Coviello, PAVEMENTS INC. is backed with 26 years of industry experience.

The company started with very little including 5 key men and 4 pieces of equipment. The equipment included 1 Pick up Truck, 1 Dump Truck, 1 Roller, and 1 Bob Cat Loader.
The current company is comprised of Chris R. Coviello (President), Todd Coviello (Vice President) and 10 Key Men. We are a family owned company who treats all of our employees like family.

Since the formation of PAVEMENTS INC., the company has strived to acquire the best equipment available including:

1 Low Bed, 1 Tool Truck, 7 Dump Trucks, 3 P.U. Truck, 1 Highway Paver, 1 MidSize Paver, 1 Grader, 7 Rollers, 4 Uni-loaders, 1 Back Hoe, 2-3 yard Loaders, 1-4.5 yard Loaders, 1 Pulverizer, 4 trailers, and 3 Sanders.

For a total of 38 pieces of Equipment

4th generation paver Chase Coviello

This website is dedicated to our former foreman Jack McLaughlin